Bogrim Tefillot on the Water


A few days ago, Bogrim took to the sand and davened shacharit (prayed the morning service) outside on the shore of the agam (lake). One of our wonderful chanichot (campers), Veronica Leifer, led the edah against the beautiful backdrop of our own natural machane (camp) environment.

As part of appreciating the morning and our surrounding beauty, we said the following blessing together as an edah:

Baruch atah hashem elokeinu melech haolam oseh ma’aseh breishit.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, ruler of the universe, who performs acts of creation.

Through this summer’s theme of makom kadosh (holy place), our Bogrim chanichim were able to use this unique tefillot (prayers) experience to fully appreciate the significance of Camp Ramah and the combination of prayer and space.

It was a great way to spice up our daily tefillot and use the wonderful aesthetics of camp to the fullest.

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