Bogrim Week 3!


The beginning part of week three has been centered on the joint- Magshimim/Bogrim production of Frozen.

On Monday, both Magshimim and Bogrim staged run-throughs, made costumes, touched-up dances during the afternoon. After dinner, Bogrim came together for a peulat erev about Israeli culture. The counselors acted as flight attendants and welcomed the campers to their “flight” to Israel. Once they arrived, the campers visited five Israeli cities where they learned about a unique aspect of the city and completed a challenge which highlighted what they learned. In the Jerusalem station, campers wrote letters to lone soldiers serving in the IDF which will be sent in the coming days. This part of the program was especially poignant due to recent events in Israel.

Tuesday night was the culmination of many people’s hard work. Bogrim blew away the camp community with a fantastic musical! The boys’ dance, which was a machine-like glow-in-the-dark production was a huge hit. The girls’ dance, which was beautifully choreographed by a camper, was flawless. Perhaps the highlights of the show were the singing of the fan-favorite “Love is an Open Door” and the singing of the flagship song ,”Let It Go”/ “La’zov.” All of the actors and actresses sang phenomenally and completely succeeded in wowing everyone in the audience. From costumes, to stage hands, publicity (see the incredible hand-drawn poster, below), choreography, and the cast party, Tuesday night was a fantastic night for Bogrim and gives us bragging rights for years to come. More info on the performance of the play to come!

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