Bogrim Week 8

Shalom from Bogrim,

Etgar last week was a ton of fun for Bogrim.  While some trips did encounter some
rain, they nevertheless pulled through for an awesome trip.  One of the canoeing trips went to Tully
Lake where they got to pick blueberries on an island in the lake.  The backpacking trip saw some beautiful
waterfalls on their hike near the same lake.  All in all, everyone came away from the experience learning
something about themselves.


Our Take Home Ramah projects of Divrei Torah are coming
along nicely.  The groups are
putting their finishing touches on their Divrei Torah, and preparing to deliver
them to the rest of camp on Thursday. 
The broader topic of the Divrei Torah is Israel and there is a wide
range of things with the Bogrim have learned which they are in turn teaching to
their fellow campers.


Also coming up this week is the competition with Ramah in
the Berkshires.  The kids have been
working very hard on their skills and everything comes down to this
Tuesday.  There is team bonding and
a pep rally leading up to the big day. 
No matter the outcome though, our Bogrimers are always winners!


Looking ahead to making this final week of camp great!


Jenna and Abby

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