Boker Tzrif…It was amazing!!!

Boker Tzrif (bunk morning) is a Machzor (session) favorite program that takes place on a Friday morning. This program is creatively designed to enable each and every bunk’s chanichim (campers) and madrichim (counselors) to grow even closer with each other.  During the time that chanichim are usually attending various chugim (electives) with others in their own edah (division) but not necessarily their own tzrif, this special program focuses on each bunk traveling to several chug-like activities together as a cohesive group.  This is a special Machaneh Ramah moment dedicated to deepening and strengthening the bonds between and among the chanichim of each and every tzrif. Our offerings this morning were amazing!

These were the different chugim that the chanichim were able to choose from.

Challah Baking

Stories and Hebrew Riddles

Meditative Chanting

Lawn Games

A Visit to the Baba

Yarn Art

Codenames: Ramah Edition

Wild Berry Harvesting & Pancake Making

Paper Planes

Nature Walk & Exploration

Bird House Making

Paper Mosaics


Rockin’ Art

Marvelous Masks

Roo Printing

Robots Wood Craft

Super Silk Painting

Tzrif Plaque



Water Toys

Fly Fishing

Spider Web


Israeli Archery Technique

Whacky Crazy Tennis Day

Football Training Camp

Capture the Flag



Beaded Lizards

Magic Cards

Under-Used M’komot in Camp

Making a Mess

Funky Feet Paint Dancing

A Cappella

Pom Poms


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Here’s what our chanichim and tzevet had to say about Boker Tzrif~

Eve said, “it was so fun to spend the day with my bunk and helped bring us together in a different special type of way. It felt really relaxing to do new types of activities.”

Sophia said, “as a nivonimer it was great to spend a part of my day with my mini bunk we had so much fun!”

Ariella said, “I had such a great time just chillin I’m the sifriyah with our Rosh and my friends.”

Yossi said, “it was special because we had the opportunity to meet kids we usually don’t have in our chugim, and show them the beauty of nagarut (woodworking).”

Rotem said, “the chanichim come to the agam with their madrichim having the best time together. Usually, the chanichim come without their madrichim to peulot but today they got a chance to just relax and playing together.”

Paula said, “I see chanichim that I never have had in my chug before. It was fun to see chanichim that I have tutored for their bar mitzvah. I love that the chanichim get to see a different side of us through what we chose to teach in Boker Tzrif.”

Aviva- boker Tzrif is just such a special time because you get to spend extra time with your counselors and bunk and it creates a bond between you.”



* This blog contains text written by Machzor Rishon (first session) blogger Miriam Benson

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