Boker Tzrif (Bunk Morning)! Ilanot & Solelim

These chanichim (campers) had a great time on Boker Tzrif, doing various peulot (activities) with their bunks.   The entire morning was planned and carried out by our chanichim of adat ha-Nivonim as part of the kayitz (summer) of Leadership Training.  Below are chanichot from adat ha-Solelim doing a very proper Victorian Game of Introductions before the peula “Tea Party”.

These chanichim from adat ha-Ilanot are in a dark room with an elderly, wizened fortune teller (aka Gila) in the peula “Future Telling”.

And these chanichot from adat ha-Solelim had a great time with their peula “Playing with Food”.

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