Boker Tzrif / Bunk Morning

Hello there parents,

After returning from Etgar, Machon had a regular day on Thursday before they engaged in a morning dedicated to bunk activities on Friday. Each bunk rated their top choices for the morning and received three different options for the morning. A wide variety of sports including basketball, scrabble, and flag football- to mention a few- were played. Other activities were kickball with Amitzim campers, Omanut (Art), the Iceberg, and the Alpine Tower. The morning focuses on group activities which help in the development of relationships within the bunk, whereas on other mornings the bunk is divided up into their separate Berkshire sports, different Yahadut (Jewish Learning) sections, and various chugs (hobby). Around camp Machoners were seen making bunk plaques, playing sports, and in general having a fantastic time. The positivity of the morning ran throughout the day as the campers showered and cleaned up for a sunny and meaningful Shabbat.

Kol Tuv,
Nomi Kornfeld, Sgan Machon

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