Boker Tzrif in the Voc Ed Bakery


This morning, three tzrifim (bunks) joined Voc Ed in the bakery to make challot and rice krispy treats. Boker Tzrif is a special morning of activities by bunk, which replaces the regular morning routine twice each session.


Two Ilanot tzrifim and one magshimim tzrif come into the bakery, had a blast baking delicious treats with the Voc Ed bakery staff, and learned all about the Voc Ed program. When they were finished baking they had a chance to ask the Voc Ed bakery staff questions, including “Can anyone order treats from the bakery?” and “What does Voc Ed do on regular camp days?”


One Ilanot boy from tzrif 36 asked why Ramah has a vocational program. The group then discussed the importance of the life skills built at camp and the Ramah value of inclusion.


When the Ilanot girls were asked why they think it’s might be important to have a vocational program at Camp Ramah, one girl aptly stated, “Because it helps people get ready for their lives.”


Thanks to the tzrifim (bunks) who visited us in the bakery this morning. We had a great time baking together!

Categories: Ilanot, Magshimim, Tikvah, Voc-Ed