Bringing Ramah Home- Solelim create amazing challah covers

This week campers are beginning work on their Ramah Take Home projects.  These projects aim to provide campers with a way to take the best of Ramah home, through the creation of pieces of Judaica, which campers can use in their homes and with their families throughout the year.   At various points throughout the summer professional artists will be working with campers in each edah to help design and create their take home projects.  In addition to creating the pieces Judaica, campers also learn about the history, traditions and rituals which are associated with each object.  

Yesterday, Heather Stoltz an artists who specializes in textile and fabric art, worked with Solelim campers to design and create amazing challah covers.  Campers will be able to use these challah covers at their family’s Shabbat meals throughout the year.   They also worked to together to create a challah cover, which can be used every Friday night at camp during our Shabbat dinners.  You can learn more about Heather Stoltz at

Look for posts next week, when campers will be making Havdalah sets, Birkonim, Birkat HaBayits, and Graggers.    

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