Bruchim Habaaim (welcome) Yehuda Gubani

Today was a special day at Machaneh Ramah as Yehuda Gubani, our long-time member of tzevet Tarbut Yisraelit (Israeli Culture staff) arrived at camp.  Yehuda is a beloved figure at camp.  He has been involved with Ramah for many decades; he is one of the finest teachers and educators we have ever had with us at camp.  Yehuda brings his special interest in and passion for all things related to Israel and Hebrew to our Palmer community every precious minute he is here.  This morning, Yehuda talked with our chanichim (campers) about the use of Ivrit (the Hebrew language) at the end of aruchat boker.  This is one of Yehuda’s traditions, to end an arucha (meal) with a quick and interesting moment of learning about a particular milah (word) or phrase in Ivrit. We are so excited to be able to have Yehuda back here with us sharing his passion and excitement for Hebrew and Machaneh Ramah.  Bruchim Habaaim (welcome) Yehuda!

* This blog contains text written by Machzor Rishon (first session) blogger Miriam Benson


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