Bruchim HaBaim (welcome): Foundation for Jewish Camp Board Visit

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting 20 members of the Board of the Foundation for Jewish Camp (photo, above) here at our machane (camp).  The individuals came from all across the U.S. and Canada, and the delegation was led by CEO Jeremy Fingerman and Board Chair Julie Platt.   This was but one segment of a multi-day summer Board meeting that encompassed site tours of four Jewish camps in this area, a community reception, and two days of business meetings. Now in its 20th year, FJC strives to galvanize and advance the field of Jewish camp, though its mission, “to build a strong Jewish future through transformative Jewish summers”.   Some are Ramah alumni and supporters, from across North America.  We welcomed them with warm hospitality at every step.  To learn more about their good works, see here:

Rabbi Ed Gelb gave the group a brisk and extensive tour of the Misrad (office), Agam (lake), Sifriya (library) complex, Chursha (grove), Beit Am Gadol, the Little House, the vast kitchen, the allergy kitchen, the bakery, and the Chadar Ochel (dining hall).  At each site, he pointed out all the building & facilities projects that have been accomplished in recent years, and also the locations for planned upcoming projects that will continue our growth trajectory.  Here they are seen all around the machane:

Along the route, friendly, happy chanichim (campers) waved, smiled, and sang.  There was a joyous reunion of our Rosh Rikud (dance) Sarah Rodin and Board members Marc and Susan Sacks — all of whom live in the Chicago area.

A moment of recognition, nostalgia and pride was had in front of the Mohican Camp Exhibit in the Chadar Ochel, as Foundation Board Member Julie Eisen was instrumental in bringing that exhibit to fruition.

The evening continued with a delicious aruchat erev (dinner), followed by Birkat Hamazon and a wonderful robust Shira (singing) session led by Oren Kaunfer (for more on that, see here: .   Pictured below left, Foundation COO Marina Lewin.  Pictured below right, Foundation Director of Development Corey Cutler and Rhonda Parker, our Development and Campaign Director.

FJC expressed much admiration for the transformation and growth of CRNE over the years.  We were so proud to have hosted the FJC board and to be able to express our appreciation for all they have done to help our camp over the years.

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