Bruchim HaBaim l’ Machon 2014!


Machon 2014 is off to a great start. All of the chanichim (campers) were all smiles yesterday. They started the day with a peulat tzrif bunk activity with many getting to know you activities, sports games, dances and art projects. The banim (boys) and banot (girls) then had an opportunity for bonding. We learned our edah song, got to know the tzevet (staff) and ended the night with many energizing games to get to know some new friends. Today is the first yom ragil where the chanichim are checking out all of their normal activities for the first time! They are enjoying ropes, boating, omanut, hockey, nagarut, rikud, digital photography and many more. This afternoon they are looking forward to finding out their Varsity Berkshires teams and learning their song and dance for Shabbat Machon on Friday. It’s been a sunny day here in Machon. Looking forward to a great summer! 

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