Bruchim HaBaim L’Amitzim!

Opening day here in Amitzim was GREAT!! We were so thrilled to welcome 17 chanichim (campers) to our Tikvah family. We started the day by going to a carnival and then had some fun bunk activities. Our madrichim (counselors) led us in some peulat edah (division wide activities) having to do with our new edah song, our daily schedule, a tour of camp and some getting to know you games. We met Rabbi Gelb to hear about our theme for the summer, “Amidah,” and then we enjoyed dinner. After dinner we had a peulat erev (nightly activity) where we talked about saying “shehechiyanu” the prayer for doing something new. Since this is a summer of new beginnings and on the first night of camp, it was very meaningful. We are looking forward to a full first day tomorrow. Enjoy the smiling Amitzimers below 🙂

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