Bruchim HaBaim L’Bogrim!!!


We’re two days into kayitz (summer) 2013, and Bogrim is off to an amazing start! We began opening day with peulot tzrif  (bunk activities). Our chanichim (campers) got to know each other, and talked about their goals for the summer. Bunk 56 learned a new game from their Israeli madrichim (counselors) called “Poses.” (See photos below!) Then, we listened to Rabbi Gelb speak about our theme of the summer, “Amidah.” Our staff introduced themselves with a crazy dance, and then led the chanichim in a search to find me (the rosh edah!). The chanichim went to different stations completing challenges that led to their moadon (club house), where we learned our edah song!  For peulat erev (evening activity), we competed in a wild “Wardrobe War” and dressed up in crazy outfits! See more photos soon in the Bogrim gallery on the camp website!

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