Bruchim Habaim (Welcome)! Nivonim 2008: 10th Year Anniversary Reunion

Today, we welcome the members of Nivonim 2008 (pictured above) back to camp!  We are so very happy to celebrate their 10th Year Anniversary here at Machane Ramah.  They will enjoy a tour, lunch, free time, and an Ultimate Frisbee game — Nivonim 2008 vs. Campers 2018.  They are intrepid in the heat, and their joy in being here, together, shines through.

Mixed in with the joy of the reunion, is the sadness we feel as we remember Joshua Guitelman.  Josh was a beloved member of Nivonim 2008, and passed away in the spring of 2009.  May his memory be for a blessing.  For an earlier post about Josh, see here:

His father, Alex Guitelman, mother Felicia Goldring, and sister Daniela are all here, basking in the warmth of their beloved son and brother’s closest friends.  They expressed deep appreciation for the close friendships and sustained relationships they have with Josh’s friends from Ramah, over this past decade.  They deeply cherish their connection with these friends.  Josh was known for his prowess as an Ultimate Frisbee player, and many of the family members and alumni went directly from their cars to the migrash (field) where the games are played.  They gazed out in quiet reflection.  There is a memorial plaque located at the migrash, and there were tears and smiles, hugs and many shared memories.  And of course, much catching up and shmoozing.  These sustained close relationships are emblematic of the lasting impact that Machane Ramah has on its entire kehila (community).

Josh’s sister Daniela, below, second from right:

Below, from left: Josh’s father Alex; close friend Zach Rachlin, and mother Felicia:

Below left, Josh’s father Alex; second from right Josh’s sister Daniela:

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