Bruchim Habaim (welcome)! Rabbi Mauricio and Bilha Balter

We are delighted to welcome Rabbi Mauricio and Bilha Balter to our machane (camp) for a few days.  They are visiting our machane as well as their mishpacha (family) who are serving on our Tzevet (staff): daughter Shani (Tzevet Omanut, art), son-in-law Orion Calderon (Tzevet Agam, lake), and grandson Matan.  Rabbi Balter is the Executive Director of Masorti Olami, and Bilha teaches Tanakh in Middle School. They are enjoying their stay so far, and it is their first time visiting Ramah Palmer.   Rabbi & Bilha Balter were very involved, among numerous Jewish organizations,  in the Jewish Camping movement in their native Argentina.   They made Aliya in 1995.  Bruchim Habaim! Picture above, left to right: Bilha, Orion, and Rabbi Balter. Below: Matan, Shani and Orion.