Cafe Dilemma with Machon

Last night, Machon had a special peulat erev (evening activity): the program was called Cafe Dilemma, and it was planned and facilitated by the members of the Mishlachat (delegation from Israel) who work in Machon. Campers ate shakshuka and freshly baked rolls and debated topics such as:
Should Israel give up land for peace?
Should Israel send back asylum seekers to their home countries in Africa?
Should Israel have exchanged so many prisoners for the safe return of one?
Should all people, even ultra orthodox Jews, serve in the army?
What is the place of non-orthodox Judaism in Israeli public life?

I was so impressed with the eloquence, intelligence, and interest that the Machoners displayed in each of the stations. They are true advocates for the Jewish people. It was also a wonderful opportunity for campers to connect with their mishlachat counselors, and for the Israeli staff to share a part of themselves with the campers. We look forward to continuing the conversation throughout the remainder of the summer.

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