Camp Bnai Mitzvahs Are Special!


As both a camp parent and as the director of the Tikvah
Program, I have attended many bar and bat mitzvahs of Ramah New England
campers.  And I have seen first hand just
how a bar or bat mitzvah is enhanced when camp friends–from close by and from
far away—are able to attend.

A highlight of my Purim today was when I saw friends from
the Ramah New England community singing, dancing, eating and cheering with the
Chalup Family at the Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation in Long Island, New York.  Today was Alexa’s Bat Mitzvah!

Alexa led prayers, read from the Torah and delivered an
amazing d’var torah on the importance of being like Queen Esther and “standing
up for what you believe and think is right.”—all while wearing Mickey Mouse
ears!  I was touched when she spoke about
her synagogue Israel Trip and how camp friends came from throughout Israel to meet
her.  Alexa spoke of the special tour
Dani (her counselor, studying in Israel)
gave the family in Jerusalem,
and of the special time spent with mishlochat member, Moti, who met them at Nof

Sometimes we forget just how special Ramah is, and how nice
it is to share smachot and special times like Israel trips with our camp
friends.  Alexa reminded us of that


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