Camp Ramah Goes to Six Flags!!


What an amazing day!  Yesterday we took the entire camp — that's 15 buses of campers and staff, for those of you keeping score at home — out for an incredible day at Six Flags!  The weather was gorgeous — sun was shining, and the sky was blue.  Everyone was decked out in their Camp Ramah t-shirts (either the blue camper variety or the gray staff shirts).  It was so neat to walk around the park and see huge numbers of blue & gray Camp Ramah shirts everywhere!

We had a long time to spend at the park, and we crammed in all the fun we could into those hours.  Earlier in the week, each edah had divided all of their kids into small groups, each paired with one or two counselors, depending on what they wanted to do at the park.  So some groups headed to the water rides, some to the games, some to the roller coasters, etc. 

At the end of an amazing day, those 15 buses brought a lot of very happy (and very exhausted!!) Ramahniks back to camp.  Can't wait until we go back next year!!

As always, here are some pics:

Six Flags 001  




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