Camp Ramah New England: Board Meeting Here!

This past Shabbat we welcomed many of the Board members to our machane (camp) for Shabbat, which immediately preceded their annual on-site Board meeting which took place on Sunday.  Here is our newly installed President Stuart Katz’s account:

·         We welcomed 3 new board members to the meeting – Elana Finn, Rabbi Greg Harris and Neil Kuttner – all of whom have a long history with CRNE. (Our other 2 new board members – Jane Taubenfeld Cohen, Dorie Ravick – were unable to attend.)

·         Our outgoing President, Belinda Krifcher Lehman, gave an inspiring D’Var Torah and was presented with written well-wishes from all of our Board Members.

·         Belinda and Scott Glickman, who served as President before Belinda, were honored for their service with inscriptions on the plaque in our President’s Garden, outside the Chadar Ochel. (Photo below)

·         We said farewell and Todah Rabah to our outgoing board members – Jonathan Cannon, Nadine Evans, Rabbi Mickey Safra, and Baruch Weiss.

·         Our entire board participated in a very meaningful exercise, each identifying a specific memory, photograph or object that symbolizes what Ramah means to them.  We heard some wonderful stories and a few tears were shed.

·         We heard fantastic updates on Kayitz 2018 from Rabbi Gelb and from Hallie Werbel, chair of our Day Camp committee.  It was great to hear how well things have gone at both camps this summer!

Photo below: Scott Glickman (Past Board President) and Belinda Krifcher Lehman (outgoing Board President):

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