Camp Ramah, Thank you

Here is a zoom in on two of our tzrifim/bunks and what they were up to this week:

The banot/girls of tzrif/bunk 39 have
had yet another fabulous week at camp! On Tuesday, all the banot of Machon
spent a night together learning some Latin moves with help from a "Dancing
with the Stars" instructional video. After some serious working of the
core and a dose of chips and salsa, all of the banot had a great time laughing
and working with each other. We recommend you ask for a demonstration of the
cha-cha or mambo when they return.

On Thursday, we spent our peulat
tzrif/bunk activity playing Apples to Apples. It was a close game at first, but
Adi Fishman (one of our awesome Israeli hanichot/campers) came through for the
upset and dominated with her quickly progressing English skills. Sophia Nagar
placed in second and provided us with great entertainment throughout the game.

All of the banot are having a great
time and are continuing to enlighten each other with their diverse backgrounds,
culture and languages. So far, kayitz/summer 2010 is a wonderful success.

–Eva, Melissa & Alona


The first week of camp has come to an end and our tzrif/bunk
has enjoyed numerous activities. 
Whether in peulot tzrif/bunk activities in which we were playing
handball, baseball and soccer, or in each individual camper’s chug/activity, we
are all having an enjoyable summer. 
Recently, Hersh Garelick was able to step up and lead tefillot/services,
and Jonas Sullivan played a big role in our recent banim/boys hockey game by
scoring two goals.  Being their
madrich/counselor for the second year has given us the privilege to see our
hanichim/campers grow from boys into mature men.  Their ability to work with each other so smoothly has made
us very proud.  Having two new
campers this summer, Nathan Werner and Yossi Kuttler, has been a delight.  Everyone is impressed with Nathan’s
musical talent and Yossi’s strong basketball contribution has enabled the kids
to really get to know one another on the court. We look forward to the next
three weeks of camp and know that this positive progression of maturity will
only increase.

–Zach, David and Omer


Machon 2010 continues to journey towards an understanding of
what it means to live in a community that stands together, yad l’yad/hand in
hand.  Last night, Machon made
incredible strides towards that understanding.  While it is not difficult to understand the importance of
reaching out your hand to help those in need, that is only half of the

As we sat around the medura/campfire last night, I told the
edah/division that I think that there is much more to yad l’yad than helping
people.  It is of equal and
paramount importance to thank the person that reached his or her hand out and
helped you.  Too often in life we
just simply do not find the time to give thanks to those that deserve it.  We have trouble finding that perfect
moment, or trouble finding those perfect words—for some reason or another, we
just don’t always do it.  Last
night, I implored the edah to realize how good it is to give thanks.  I opened up the floor to anyone who
wanted to thank any one person or any group of people for specific acts or
instances of kindness. 

I stepped away from the fire and watched members of the edah
step up, one by one, to thank their friends, their staff, and their edah. 

These are some of the things that were said:

“Thank you for making me feel better when I was sick.”

“Thank you for always making me laugh.”

“Thank you for laughing at my jokes—even when they are not

“Thank you for accepting me for who I am.”

“Thank you for planning amazing programs.”

“Thank you for being a wonderful counselor.”

“Thank you for putting away siddurim/prayer books when you
are not asked and when you think nobody is looking.”

“Thank you for making me feel like a part of the edah.”

“It is not easy being a new camper, so I want to thank all
of you—it has been an amazing first week!”


Camp Ramah-

Thank you for these moments—for they would surely not happen
anywhere else.


Shabbat Shalom,


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