Camp Ramah’s Got Talent!


As many of our Roshei Edot have mentioned in their recent blog posts, on Tuesday we held an incredible all-camp Peulat Erev: Camp Ramah's Got Talent! 

During the week before, each edah held an edah talent show, in which campers performed for their friends — singing, playing music, doing stand-up comedy, juggling, and demonstrating all manner of other entertaining talents!  Each edah's staff (along with, in many edot, several special guest judges) then selected their representative to the camp-wide event.

I love camp-wide programming — it's always a thrill (albeit a logistical challenge!) to bring the entire camp together for a special event.  And I was absolutely dazzled on Tuesday night by the amazing talents that our kids had a chance to display!!  Photos can't really do the performances justice, of course (look for some clips on this summer's DVD yearbook!!), but for now, take a look:




And here's our winner: Matthew Stein from Machon!


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