Camp Roundup-Director’s Thoughts

Camp is off to a beautiful start.  The weather has been really nice, a tad hot, but after last summer's weather, who can complain?

I was down at the agam (lake) yesterday morning watching our Ilanot campers swim.  The swim lessons looked fun as our instructors encouraged the kids and there were lots of smiles and laughter.  Learning and fun together, a great combination.

Our oldest campers, Nivonim, began their intensive training to be leaders in camp.  Each Nivonim camper has an area they will specialize in.  We brought in experts in each of these fields to teach them how to be instructors/leaders.  To read more about it, click this link: Nivonim Leadership Program.

Our Magshimim campers had their raft building etgar (challenge) experience.  They built, as teams, rafts out of various materials.  Look for pictures really soon!

I saw some great tennis lessons and basketball instruction going on as well.  The kids enjoy drills that get them active and involved!  The resurfaced tennis courts are a big hit and the new A-side volleyball court looks beautiful.

Still, the best thing to see are the interactions between campers and between camperes and their counselors.  It is the informal times during walks to the chadar ochel (dining hall) or playing frisbee on the migrash (field) when you see the connections begin to deepen.  Kids learning how to interact with each other, care for each other, and just relax and have fun.  That is the essence of summer camp.

As we get deeper into the summer our daily routine becomes second nature to the kids and they are able to really accomplish a lot.  Stay tuned….

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