Campers in Ilanot discuss: What is a friend? Plus Paper Mache!


Each week in Ilanot, our programming surrounds one major theme. For the past week, we have been talking about friendship. Tonight, the chanichim got a chance to talk back and ask each other, what is a friend? Kids spoke about what characteristics they look for in a friend and why they are important. In addition, many chanichim offered ideas about how to make new friends. We brainstormed some ways that people make friends and how to use those skills inside and outside of camp. Then, in pairs we used paper mache to cover balloons that will later turn into our very own "friends!"  As these art projects dry overnight, we will be continuing to talk about how people choose their friends as well as how to get to know someone well enough to call them your friend. Here are some pictures of us getting our hands a little dirty with the paper mache!!!

ILA paper mache 1

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