Challah & Emet! Limud (Education)

These chanichim (campers) from adat ha-Machon are preparing for Shabbat by actually making the Challah they learned about in their Perek Limud (Education session).  Here they are instructed and supervised by Rabbis Gordon Tucker and Josh Ackerman:

Here, our Tzevet Limud members Phil Schlossberg and Rabbi Josh Ackerman instruct and supervised our youngest kehillah (community) members, the Gan (daycare):

Finally, chanichim from adat ha-Magshimim, adat ha-Solelim and adat ha-Nevonim had the opportunity to draw the word Emet (truth) in graffiti style.  Our Summer theme is Emet, and is being discussed in a variety of formats all throughout our machaneh (camp).