Chanichim learn the layers of Israeli history from Tarbut Yisraelit

Chanichim (campers) were given a great lesson on the many layers of Israeli history from our fantastic Tzevet Tarbut Yisraelit (Israeli culture staff). Looking at the inside of an onion, they discussed the many layers that you see when it is cut in half and the way that these layers relate to how we think about history.

Chanichim then went outside and worked together on a giant Israeli history time line– matching pictures with historical events and putting them in order. Some key events on the timeline: the Destruction of the First and Second Temples, the Balfour Declaration, Israel Declaring Independence in 1948, the formation of new borders in 1967.  One Chanicha stated: “This was so much fun.”

Categories: Hinuch, Tarbut Yisraelit