Chanichim Reflect on What is Important to Them as Jews

What makes a Jewish experience? What do we most value or feel is important and meaningful to our lives as Jews?

These are just a couple of the questions explored in Limud (learning) groups this week. Using a questionnaire, ranking elements on a scale of super, very, so-so, and not so important, chanichim (campers) did a little cheshbon nefesh (a personal reflection) on how they prioritize and value certain Jewish practices and ideals.

The list included: speaking Hebrew, supporting Israel, believing in God, learning Jewish history, being an ethical person, keeping kosher, having a b’nai mitzvah, serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and more.

Determining which were most important, individually and as a group, led to rich discussions about our identity as Jews, and our connections to Israel.

Todah rabbah to our wonderful Limud staff for continuing to present creative and thought-provoking ways for our chanichim to explore Judaism and Israel!