Chez Shoafim is Open for Business!

Shoafim certainly added some spice to camp today with Yom Iron Chef! Beginning in their morning rotations, Shoafimers learned about the different food groups and kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) by planting their own gardens near the lower migrash (field), making their own original candy, creating healthy and strong paper skeletons (like what dairy does to bones!), making up skits about a particular grain, playing the meat and poultry version of Shoots and Ladders, and playing “Eat This, Not That!” The kids had a blast and now have a garden to tend to throughout the session!

After lunch we made and decorated our very own chef hats, and then split back up into our teams to actually put our knowledge to use. Each team prepared a full meal, including items that were both cooked and uncooked. After dinner, Josh Edelglass and I judged the meals, sampling each and every item and analyzing its taste, originality, and overall value within the larger meal.

Overall, we were extremely impressed with how good the food was! With just under two hours to prepare a meal, the sixty-seven Shoafimers were able to prepare so many delicious items that it made it quite difficult for us to choose a winner! In the end, a winning team was selected and granted the prize of a dinner cooked for them by some Shoafim counselors!

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