Chug Bishul (Cooking elective) — adat ha-Solelim

Yona Goldman is a long-time member of our Tzevet Limud (Education Staff).  She lives in Modin, Israel and works as a doula.  She led these chanichim (campers) of adat haSolelim in an educational, improvisational and delicious Chug Bishul.  Entitled “Something from Nothing”, the chanichim learned the practical skill of opening the fridge, listing what ingredients were to be found, and then creating “Something from Nothing”.  Their delicious outcome: Blueberry French Toast Crisp.  The ingredients: yogurt, sour cream, sugar, cinnamon, bread, eggs, and butter.   Skills learned: versatility, flexibility, creativity, and how to think outside the box.  Delicious smells and tastes emanated from the Chug Bishul classroom.  Yum!  Of course, safety skills and team clean up were all part of the Chug.