Chug (elective) Volleyball: Kochavim and Ilanot

Our Chug Volleyball is lucky to be headed by two impressive young Israeli Tzevet (staff) members.  Orel Nagar, of Yehud, recently finished his IDF service, serving as a combat rescue medic in the Infantry corps.  After a year of travel when he departs our machane (camp), he will begin his Medical School studies at the University of Tel Aviv.   Orel first learned about Jewish camps in the U.S. when he was in 8th grade, as he and his brother flew alone here and attended Laurelwood Camp in Madison, CT.  He knew at that time he wanted to return and work in a Jewish machane.  He played High School volleyball and has been a great coach here at camp.

Tamar Melech lives in Ganei Tikvah.  She has spent this past year as a Shlicha (emissary) in Worcester, MA and its suburbs.  She worked in 2 Conservative and 5 Reform kehilot (congregations), and before that — had never stepped foot in a synagogue.  She celebrated her status as a Bat Mitzva during her time as a shlicha.  Mazal Tov!   In addition to those 7 congregations, she also worked in other Jewish organizations in the Worcester area.  Tamar came to learn about our machane through the many children she worked with this past year who are also chanichim (campers) here.   She loves the strong connection to Israel and the Hebrew language that she found in the Conservative synagogues.  She, like Orel, played High School volleyball.  Upon her return to Israel, she will serve in the IDF Intelligence — International Relations Unit in Tel Aviv.

They are seen here (top) and below (silly) with their Kochavim and Ilanot chanichim.

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