Machon Chugim (options) and Sensitivity Training with Amitzim, pt. 2


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In the Café Ramah perek (timeslot), the chanichim were introduced to an initiative solely for Machon. Throughout the summer they will design lemonade carts and “sell” lemonade around camp, using Hebrew to interact with and teach other chanichim. It’s an amazing leadership opportunity, and the chanichim had a lot of great ideas for how to move forward with the project.

Finally, we ended the day with an amazing and insightful pe’ulat erev (evening activity). As Machon and Amitzim (the edah for people with special needs) will be working together frequently this summer, our madrichim  (counselors) and madrichim from Amitzim ran a pe’ulah which consisted of an obstacle course in which certain campers were told beforehand to purposely impede the progress of their teams with specific disabilities. This led into a powerful discussion of what it means to help those with special needs and to not let ourselves become frustrated by those who might be a little different from us.

Obstacle course during sensitivity training


One of the many smaller discussion groups
Amitzim madrichim lead discussion
Amitzim madrichim lead discussion


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