Concert and Carnival- so much fun!

Shalom Parents!

The past 2 days have been really exciting at camp! 
Last night we heard the music of Jewish Rock/Pop artist Rick Recht. Rick is a musician that travels the Jewish camp scene in the summer and had never been to Ramah NE before. The past week we had been getting excited for Rick's concert- playing his music in the chadar ohel, singing his songs, etc. The concert was a blast. Everyone was excited (Shoafim even had signs!), and we sang and danced the night away. 
Everyone went to sleep on a big high just to wake up to a wonderful new day. 
Instead of a normal Yom Meyuchad, all of Tzad Aleph joined together for a fun-filled day of activities in camp. This morning we had a magic show and then different art rotations- including hat decorating which the campers loved. In the afternoon we had a carnival with bouncy bouncies, water slides, obstacle courses, carnival games, snow cones, and cotton candy. 
My favorite part of the day may have been seeing the smiles on everyone's faces after they received a freshly made cotton candy. 
Overall, it was a fantastic day.
I have a feeling that both the concert and the carnival will be highlights of the summer. 
Hope you're all doing well, and you'll be hearing from me soon!

Take Care,

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