Conversations from Shabbat and a take home dinner

Dear Parents,

This past shabbat afternoon the activity for the Machon campers was focused around collective memory. The campers were put into groups and from there they remembered things like the first week of camp, our trip to six flags, and the edah's defining moments. As a group it was interesting to see how something becomes part of a collective memory. Is it when an individual talks of an instance they felt was important and we can relate or had similar instances as them? Or does it have to be something everyone experienced in the same way? The discussion centered on how both of these ways of having collective memory are valid and valuable. This collective memory exercise parallels the weekly torah portion of Eikev where Moshe is talking to Bnei Yisrael and recollecting some of their experiences in the desert. 


As we went from a pleasant shabbat into the last week of camp we had a very special program on Monday afternoon. Kitchen staff appreciation is a proponent of our take-home project and the Machon campers decided they wanted to serve and entertain all of the kitchen staff for a meal. The meal consisted of pasta salad, bread, fruit salad, salad, and brownies, and while the kitchen staff ate they were entertained through the violin, various vocalists, miming, and some guitar playing. The director and assistant director stopped by and commented that this was one of the best programs they had seen in years. It is inevitable to become removed from the process of how we get food and are than served food at camp. This program helped the Machon campers and counselors in remembering that food doesn't always appear on the table hot and ready to eat. It also allowed for the appreciation of those who make it possible for us to eat delicious food on a daily basis here at camp. 


Kol Tuv,

Nomi Kornfeld (S'gan Machon)


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