Cornerstone Fellowship 2010

I (Leora) am at
the Cornerstone retreat — a fellowship program through the Foundation for
Jewish Camp for third year staff! 
What a great experience. There are over 30 camps represented here from
all across North America. I spent a day here with all the Liaison’s from the
different camps and was joined yesterday afternoon by all the fellows.

The Cornerstone Fellowship, made possible by the generosity of the AVI
CHAI Foundation, empowers third-year Jewish bunk counselors to view themselves
as Jewish role models for both campers and younger counselors alike. Now in its
eighth year, Cornerstone’s advanced professional training enables Jewish camps
to continue to attract these critical staff members. The program imparts
counselor skills, best practices in Jewish content programming, and
teambuilding exercises. Giving counselors the tools they need to succeed means
that they’ll come back year after year, helping to build camp community while
camp continues to build them.

This year we are very fortunate to have 6 great fellows. They are – Yair
Schatz, Jeremy Henowitz, Ari Hausman, Ilana Rosenbaum, Becca Lipson and Eva
Jablow. We are very proud of all their hard work here at the conference and thrilled
to have them back for Katiyz 2010. Third-year bunk counselors are the “cornerstones”
of camps, making significant contributions to the camp program. 

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