Crazybones and Puffy Paint; Machon Banim/Banot pe’ulot


For Banim/Banot (boys/girls) programming on Monday night, Machon got crazy and creative. The banim participated in a “Crazybones” tournament, in which all the boys were paired up and took turns flicking Crazybones (small plastic figurines) at their opponent’s Crazybones. It got incredibly intense, with cheering and unbelievable come-from-behind victories, and everyone is highly anticipating the championship match of Yoni Offit vs. Jonathan Hayward (a classic tzrif 60 vs. tzrif 62 matchup). The banot program was slightly less competitive! The girls paired up by finding their match to a word written on a piece of paper on their forehead (if one had Batman, their match was Robin). In their pairs, they decorated a sock each with puffy paint; the designs were so varied and amazing!





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