Davening in Memory of Josh Guitelman, Niv 08


Earlier this week, Nivonim 2013 went over to Tzad Aleph (A-Side) to daven (pray) at the memorial for Josh Guitelman. Josh was a camper in Nivonim 2008 who tragically died the year after his Nivonim summer. Becca, a madricha in our edah and one of Josh’s best friends as a camper, led us in pesukei dezimra, and told us stories about Josh and his love for camp. She inspired all of us to carry his spirit with us over the course of this summer, by being passionate and dedicated Ramahniks. All of the chanichim were very moved by the experience, and those of us who knew Josh when he was at Ramah felt truly blessed to be able to come together and celebrate his life .


Below, please see a picture of Nivonim davening at the memorial.



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