David Dalnekoff Turns 40!


 From Howard Blas, Tikvah Director:

Most people at camp recognize David Dalnekoff as the hard-working, good-natured man who delivers the mail each day. This past Shabbat, David was honored by his synagogue, the Westville Shul in New Haven, Connecticut, with a Kiddush lunch in his honor, as he celebrated his 40th birthday. I was invited to say a few words from the bima –about both David and the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in New England.

David was a camper of mine in the early 1980s when he was an amitzim camper—and he has been coming to camp for 27 years!!!  David has been in amitzim, voc ed and post voc ed, and he has participated in several Tikvah Ramah Israel trips.  David is a very dependable, productive, caring member of the New Haven (and the Ramah New England!) Jewish communities.  David attends minyan in his Orthodox shul three times a day, every day, and he often leads the davening!

To celebrate his birthday, David lead Shaharit (with a full repetition of the amidah!) and Hallel, and he had an Aliyah.  Rabbi Fred Hyman (who once hosted our Voc Eders at his shul in Kadimah Congregation in Springfield, MA, when he was the rabbi!) praised David for his caring ways. “David always asks how my mom is doing!”  In Rabbi Hyman’s d’var torah, he noted that we can all learn an important lesson about life from David and Parshat Noach. “Noah’s name in Hebrew means ‘rest’ or ‘chill;”  David is always smiling and chill—we can all learn from David!”  We wish David many years of happiness and success!