Director-Saturday Night Dancing and more

Shabbat Ends with Havdalah which is one of the most beautiful services at camp.  After that, all of B-side came down to the tennis courts for Israeli Folk Dancing.  The energy was amazing.  The kids love to dance.  We finished it all off with nachos courtesy of our Head chef Gary Witkes.  They were yummy and the kids really appreciated them.  I know because I helped make and serve them.

Shabbat was great.  We were able to daven outside Friday.  The Miriam Dance, a Ramah New England tradition, was once again performed by the Nivonim girls.  It was Machon’s Shabbat and they also presented a song and dance.  Tefilot were wonderful.  Lots of ruach and beautiful singing.

Somehow, we got in a dry Shabbat.  The kids enjoyed each other’s company and there are lots of sports.  The singing after dinner on Saturday was incredible.  Everyone should have the opportunity to hear young kids sing Jewish songs like that.  It refreshes the soul.

Sundays are regular days at camp.  Hopefully the weather will allow us to get back into a routine.

Our oldest campers, Nivonim, are prepping today for their Etgar (outdoor adventure) trips which begin tomorrow.

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