Director-Shabbat at Camp Ramah

Life may be about small miracles.  On Friday night, somehow, the rain stopped long enough for us to have Shabbat outside.  Led by the Tikvah program, we had beautiful and spiritual services.  Friday night included spirited singing and the best brownies I have ever tasted. 

Shabbat was wondeful despite overcast skies.  The kids enjoyed our special pastry breakfast and the time to play and see their friends throughout the camp.

At Shabbat mincha the sun peaked out for the first time. 

After dinner (seudat shelishit) on Saturday is the most beautiful singing you could ever hear.  Listening to 300 plus teenagers and counselors sing the soulful songs that lead to the end of Shabbat restores faith in the future of our people.

For Havdalah, the entire camp gathered in the grove.  Each Edah gathered in its own mini-circle and joined in.  What a wonderful moment of togetherness.

After Havdalah, the b-side kids Israeli Folk dance and then eat nachos.  They love the special cheese sauce our head chef, Gary Witkes makes.  We are lucky he is willing to come back to the kitchen after Shabbat to do this.  He does it because he loves the kids.

If you ever get a chance, spend a Shabbat at Camp Ramah.  You will love it!

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