Director-Six Flags

What a day!  A wave of Camp Ramah New England campers and staff rolled through Six Flags New England today.  Whether your taste was rollercoasters, kiddie rides or the water park, everyone had a blast.  It was amazing to walk around and see everyone in their camp t-shirts. 

Even a brief downpour around 4 o’clock couldn’t dampen the day.  I was so impressed with our counselors who really worked hard to take care of the kids and didn’t worry about themselves.  They really took great care of everyone.

14 busses made the trip.  It was quite a sight to see watching pull up and pull out.  The logisitcs were complicated but every bus had a captain and the kids were split into small groups with a staff member.  The kids went around with other kids in their edah based on the type of the rides they wanted.  For example, the kids who liked roller coasters went together, the kids who wanted to spend more time at the waterpark stayed together, and their mixed groups who did both.

It was really awesome to have our own huge pavilion where we stationed our nurses and some lead staff. The campers used this as a base and we ate our lunch there.

When we returned to camp, we had our traditional Wednesday BBQ and now the kids are having team meetings to get ready for Yom Sport (Color War) tomorrow.  Everyone is going to sleep well tonight.

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