D’var Tefilah in Bogrim: The empowering nature of tefillin

Bogrim were wrapping in their tefilot on Friday. Hannah Glickman, a member of programming staff and a former Rosh Edah, spoke to the edah about the meaning of tefillin and her personal decision to wrap tefillin at camp.  Hannah discussed the nature of tefillin as a public signal of pride in being Jewish. She explained about the head, heart and physical connection of the tefillin (on the head, pointing to the heart and wrapped around the arm) and that, for her, wearing tefillin is a way for her as a woman to make an affirmative commitment to being Jewish and to be a positive role model for girls. When Hannah was growing up at camp, tefillin was not an option offered to girls and she encouraged girls in the edah to try out this special mitzvah.  Megan, a madricha in Bogrim, explained how wearing tefillin gives her strength and centers her during prayer. She feels that it makes her much more present and focused in her davening and sets her day off on a positive path.

After the discussion, the girls in edah were offered an opportunity to try out tefillin for the day. One chanicha, Sarah for tzrif 41, has decided to take on the mitzvah for the kayitz. Sarah explained that a friend dared her to try tefillin during the workshop and when she put it on it was “just so cool”.  Sarah thought about it for a minute and then stated: “It made me feel cool and equally Jewish and religious as the boys in the edah.”

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