Ed and Davey go to Israel

I'm waiting in the airport in Newark, NJ getting ready for my flight to the Holy Land.  According to all reports, I'm going to see snow in Jerusalem! 

I arrive at 9:15 tomorrow morning (Davey is arriving now) and have a day planned with super mishlachat family Batia Green.

On Friday I start some interviews with a bunch of wonderful candidates and then head to the Ramah-Wide staff Shabbaton for all Ramah staff in Israel.  I think there will be around 50 Palmer Ramah people there.  I can't wait to see them.

After Shabbat we head into serious interview time as Yedida, Davey and I meet with wonderful new candidates provided by the Israel Agency/Sochnut.

Having a robust and talented Israeli staff is key to bringing Israel alive for our campers and fulfilling a key part of our mission.

I will try to post updates and pictures throughout the trip!

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