End of Camp Carnival & Banquet and Edah Plaques Revealed!!

Last night was a tremendously fun camp-wide celebration.  We began on the Tzad Bet migrash (field) with our end-of-camp carnival.  The hanichim (campers) in each edah proudly wore their new edah t-shirts, and had fun on our bouncy-houses, the Rosh Edah dunk tank, and about ten additional booths with games and competitions run by edat ha-Nivonim, our oldest hanichim.  Then we moved into the Chadar Ochel for a “goodbye-to-the-old-chadar” banquet.  We set up the shulchanot (tables) Hogwarts-style in long rows, so that ALL of our hanichim could eat together in the chadar ochel.  Then all of camp moved to the Bet Am Gadol for games (an edah competition trivia challenge about the old Chadar Ochel and aruchot (meals) at camp), No Smoking, and festive rikud.  Each Rosh Edah also unveiled their edah’s kayitz 2016 plaque, which will soon hang in our new Chadar Ochel!  Take a look at these gorgeous plaques: