End of Session

The end of a session is both sad and sweet.  It is sad for the kids who are going home.  Last night at Seudah Shlishit singing (dinner time) the tears were flowing.  The kids were sad to be leaving friends and Camp Ramah. 

After Shabbat the A-siders watched a slide show of the first session.  The cheers for every slide is evidence of the time they have had.  As I watched, I realized just how much happens in four weeks.  Six Flags, Yom Sport, Boker Tzrif, Shabbat, Plays, boating, swimming, sports, etc. In many ways it seems like camp has been running for a year and in others like two days. 

Shabbat was really nice.  I think that everyone was trying to savor every moment because the end of the session was here.  The intensity of feeling is very high at camp. 

I’m off to say goodbye to the airport bus.

If you are coming for Visiting Day I will see you soon!

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