End of Week 7 and beginning of week 8

Shalom Parents,

On Friday all of camp participated in Boker Tzrif, a morning of fun activities, done by bunk. Ilanot campers created videos, went boating, climbed the climbing wall, took pictures, played basketball, ga-ga, flag football and more! In the afternoon Ilanot was surprised with Yom Foam! We watched the fire fighters spreading the foam all over the field, then we got to run around and play in it. Many Ilanoters reported this as their favorite part of the week! Please check the website for pictures. After playing in the foam we went back to our bunks to shower and get ready for Shabbat.

On shabbat we rested and got ready for the coming week. It started out very busy!! On Sunday afternoon Ilanot participated in Etgar. We were able to cook our own dinner, and roast marshmallows over the fire. We also got to listen to stories around the fire, then we returned to our bunk for bed. This morning we went back out to the woods where we had special tefillot, then returned to our normal schedule. We are so exited for the rest of the week together here at camp. Keep checking back for more news from Ilanot!

Kol Tuv,

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