Entire Machane (camp): Six Flags! Eizeh Keif (what fun!!)

What a perfect, sunny day for fun all over Six Flags for our entire machane!   After an early departure from our machane and several hours of pure pleasure scurrying around the amusement park, the small groups of chanichim (campers) and madrichim (counseloers) enjoyed a bit of shade, respite, food and drink in our designated 3 large pavilions in the Rivers Edge section.  Everyone came to the pavilions for aruchat tzaharyim (lunch) in shifts, and then returned to the rides and water park with energy replenished for more hours of fun.  Every direction one turned were a group of happy, eager chanichim with madrichim, all wearing our distinctive, matching Tov Li BeMachane Ramah (Camp Ramah — my favorite!) T-shirts, and soaking up (literally) every possible ride and water park escapade.  Eizeh Keif!