Even our Alum got into the Ramah Spirit!


From Laurie Sukel , Ramah Alumni : Connecticut 1964, Palmer 1965-68, Israel Seminar '69, Mador at Palmer 1970, Berkshires staff  1971-72

Here is what Laurie had to say:Rondeaus

I saw it was "Wear Your Ramah Shirt Day" on facebook.  Unfortunately, I no longer own a Ramah tshirt, but I do have what I consider to be the next best thing!  It may be breaking the rules, but I'm  old — I get to do that sometimes!  I had my first ice cream cone at Rondeau's when Palmer opened in 1965 and my most recent was just this past July.   In honor of the great memories we all have of Rondeau's, I thought it might be fun to add this picture to the collection

B'libeinu tamid, Machaneinu Ramah!





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