And there was Evening and there was Morning: Medura (campfire) & Tefilla with Solelim

Solelim chanichim (campers) had a bright, crackling medura last night for their peulat erev (evening activity), complete with singing, guitar accompaniment, blowing bubbles, and roasted marshmallows.   It was a perfect, mellow ending to a day filled with activity and being great spectators at JV Yom Roo.  The evening concluded with a large, inclusive circle, arms entwined around each other, singing Rad HaYom (day is done). Laila Tov! (photos: top, and below).

Boker Tov! After a delicious, nutritious aruchat boker (breakfast), the Solelim chanichim were ready for a wonderful Tefilla, complete with a D’var Tefilla and Torah reading.  Rabbi Jeff Ackerman of our Tzevet Limud (Education staff) gave a D’var Tefilla about different prayer styles.  One example is a physical, vocal, spontaneous style with a lot of movement around the prayer space, jumping, stretching, and sponaneity.  Another style is where the individual is quieter and standing still.  Rabbi Jeff talked about a famous Rabbi who had a more physical, ecstatic style when he was praying alone and the quieter style when davening in a kehilla (congregation).  He weaved in what the Shulchan Aruch (law code) says about these different styles, and concluded by encouraging the chanichim to try different styles over time.  Yasher Koach!