Evening of Yom Sport (Color War): Closing Ceremony Rikud (dance) Practice & Bechirot (free choice)

During the waning hours of Yom Sport, all of our teams — Adom, Kachol, Lavan, and Yarok (Red, Blue, White and Green, respectively) — were seen around our machane (camp) practicing for the Closing Ceremony Extravaganza.  Here they are seen preparing for their Closing Ceremony Rikud:

During Bechirot (free choice) time right before aruchat erev (dinner), these chanichim (campers) are playing Dungeons and Dragons.

And these chanichim are relaxing with Magic:

The reason you cannot read the name on this box is likely because it’s…Chameleon:

And for these chanichim, their quiet happy free choice place is our Hava (farm):