Exciing new SHIRA staff members this summer!

One of our focuses at camp this summer will be on emphasizing Jewish Arts.  As Rabbi Gelb wrote in his d'var Torah last week, the arts are a powerful entry point for young people into Judaism, and giving campers an opportunity to explore the arts has always been an enormous part of what we do at camp.  
We have some exciting new initiatives planned for this summer that will, we hope, provide even more exciting opportunities for kids to experience shira (singing), rikud (dancing), drama, tzilum (photography), high-level omanut (art) and nagarut (woodworking) projects, and so much more.
As with everything that we do at camp, our efforts begin with our tzevet (staff).  Today we’d like to highlight three incredible new staff members who we have hired to work on tzevet shira (our song & music staff) at Ramah for kayitz 2010!
Cantor Gaston Bogomolni is the dynamic cantor at Temple Aliyah in Needham, MA.  A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cantor G began serving at the age of 18 as the only clergy member to the Jewish community in the Dominican Republic; first in Sosúa and later in Santo Domingo. During his three years in the Caribbean Islands, Cantor G was able to develop significant first-ever Jewish cultural events for the entire community. Cantor Gaston spent also two years as the Hazzan and Youth Director in Barcelona, Spain, before coming to the United States.  Cantor G sings in various languages, styles and for all ages.  His Ashkenazi and Sephardic background and training allow him to create a unique spiritual experience at shul, and we are excited to bring that energy to Camp Ramah this summer!

Sally Heckelman has been sharing her music throughout the Washington, DC area for over twenty years. In addition to performing, Sally teaches music throughout the region in preschools, Sunday schools and overnight camps, and sings with the klezmer band Shir Delite.  She often works with teachers, providing guidance on integrating music into their classrooms.  Sally is an accomplished songwriter, performer, and producer. She has produced two CDs, Tap Your Feet to a Jewish Beat and Put a Smile on Your Face. Her music is appealing to children and adults alike. Sally knows how to reach kids, writing and singing music they want to listen to over and over again. She is much-loved by her community, and we are so lucky to have her joining us at camp this summer!

Elie Greenberg ran a Kishroniyah band workshop at Camp Ramah in New England during kayitz 2007 & 2008.  Elie is the Director of Informal Programming for Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, DC.  Classically trained for more than 15 years, Elie is a singer/songwriter with a unique acoustic and bluesy-rock style.  Aside from being the lead singer and lead guitarist for his own rock band, Elie collaborates on the production of his albums. He performs with klezmer and swing bands and works as a song-leader for various camps and organizations. We are extremely lucky to have Elie joining us, no longer as just a short-term guest, but a full-session staff member at Ramah NE this summer!