Exciting Peulot From Across the Edot!

This shavuah (week) at camp has seen some fantastic peulot (activities) run in all of our edot around camp!  Here are some examples:

KOCHAVIM: Last night, Kochavim had a peulat erev all about preparing for Six Flags! The hanichim (campers) split up into their Six Flags groups (the kids had been divided based on what sort of activities/rides they want to do at Six Flags) and got to know their group-mates and madrichim (counselors) a little better. Then, each group was given one of the rules for the day and had to act it out like charades. The other hanichim had to guess what rule each group acted out. For example, one group acted out wearing sunscreen, another drinking water, and a third performed the rule of “always staying with the group.” All the skits were really funny and they will help all the Kochavimers have a fun and safe time at Six Flags!

ILANOT: On Monday night, Edat ha-Ilanot joined Edat ha-Amitzim for a joint Peulat Erev (evening activity) and it was SO MUCH FUN!!  They started off by dividing the kids from both edot into mixed groups, and then the magic happened.  Each group was assigned a song, and the groups worked together to prepare a fun lip sync of their song.  After working hard, each group performed their acts in front of the assembled group, and the performances were amazing!  Even better than the real deal!  The peulah ended with the kids together, arm-in-arm, singing Rad HaYom, our traditional end-of-the-day Ramah song.

SOLELIM: Solelim’s Peulat Erev (evening activity) on Sunday was all about animals!  They started off by singing the Edah song right after Aruchat Erev (Dinner) in the Beit Am Gadol.  Then, the tzevet (staff) taught all the kids a new Israeli song with silly body-motions that were really funny!  Afterwards, they divided the Edah into groups and each group had to choose a certain animal and act like it while playing FreezeDance.  Finally, the Peulah finished with a game of Sharks and Minnows and then a big party with music and good vibes in the middle of the Beit Am Gadol.

SHOAFIM: A few nights ago, Shoafimers brought out their creativity with peulat erev #vine! Groups of seven had to create a six-second video based off of a silly hashtag, such as #thingsshoafimerssay! Hanichim (campers) had a blast making and presenting their videos to their friends. Check out #Mystrangetalent!!!

Shoafim #vine Peulat Erev from Camp Ramah NE on Vimeo.

AMITZIM: Amitzim enjoyed a chef-themed peulat erev this week. Everyone worked together to make Oreo balls. They were and hit and enjoyed by all! Everyone also made their very own chef hats. Each hanich was given an outline of a chef hat, and it was up to them to create their own design. The madrichim also taught about healthy choices and what a balanced meal looks like.

MAGSHIMIM: Magshimim had a fantastic time this afternoon at its beach party! The agam staff closed off the water area to anyone except Magshimim and allowed us access to the inflatable water toys, all of the swimming area and boating areas, plus we had the beach to ourselves! We brought potato chips and ice cream sandwiches (to celebrate national ice cream sandwich day), and had a wonderful time playing together as an edah. The fun continued at dinner with watermelon tablecloths, toys, and a giant inflatable palm tree!


BOGRIM: Bogrim celebrated Yom Eema v Abba (Mom and Dad Day) this week! At aruchat Boker (breakfast) at the start of the week, each hanich (camper) adopted a baby water balloon. After the babies were decorated (with faces, etc.) and named, their personalities developed throughout the day as the hanichim were tasked with protecting them! At Peulat erev we congratulated all of the “parents” who had successfully kept their balloon babies alive all day! What a fun way to learn responsibility!

MACHON: Last night we gave the edah an Etgar experience for those who did not go on either of the Etgar Kishroniyah trips.  We had am amazing night out under the starts.  We offered s’more and apple roasting by the campfire/מדורה, iron chef with a limited set of ingredients, and star gazing led by Rabbi Bazer. We were treated to an appearance by Saturn and the campers/חניכים were amazed by its sight through the telescope.  It was a wonderful night of מדורה snacks, singing, and making memories with good friends.

NIVONIM: One of edat ha-Nivonim’s most popular activities this week was their peulat erev playing Settlers of Camp-Tan, a live-action Camp Ramah version of the board game,  Settlers of Catan.  Each team played as a different Ramah camp and had to “settle” their Machaneh Ramah by building roads, Moadonim, Batei Am, and for a whopping 6 victory points: A Chadar Ochel!! 

These examples are just a tiny slice of life of all the fun that we’re having, across the edot, here at Machaneh Ramah this week!  Stay tuned for more updates!